James Brockhouse

I have been participating in the Cathedral choir since the fall of 2015. I am a sophomore at Skutt Catholic High School. My family and I moved to Omaha in 2006, and have been parishioners at the Cathedral since we arrived. I attended, and graduated from the grade school, and have participated in the choral programs offered since 5th grade including the Archdiocesan Children’s Choir. I love music, and by participating in the choir, I believe I serve the people of my parish by helping them celebrate the mass every week. Music has allowed me to make a better connection with God, and I don’t think I could get that experience anywhere else. Participating in important masses such as Midnight Christmas Mass and the Easter Vigil has helped my connection with God grow. Once I was old enough to actually understand the significance of the Easter Vigil, it hit me like a truck. I could actually put all the pieces together and solve the puzzle of our faith that is presented to many kids my age. I hope I feel a similar experience during our pilgrimage. I want to be able to clear my mind of the chaos and worries presented by high school, and just ponder what this year of Mercy is actually about and how I can continue to live the values it has presented to us all.