Connor Gelvin

This is my first year singing as a tenor in the St. Cecilia Cathedral Choir. I believe singing is a vital form of praise. It allows me to participate in the worship ministry, which is a joy and a privilege! There are many ways I believe this pilgrimage will have great effect on me. Getting the chance to visit places of great religious significance may help me feel God’s presence even more, and it will give me a chance to reflect on other aspects of my life as well. Whether you have musical talent or not, everyone is capable of expressing themselves through music. That is why I love worship. It is a place where all are encouraged to sing with their hearts, no matter what musical talent they may have. I am currently attending UNO working to get my private pilot license. Next spring, I will be a Vocal Performance Major and double majoring in Business Administration. The possibilities are endless when serving others. I like to talk less and do more. A few simple ways I like to serve are doing one of my parents’ least favorite chore, giving compliments to others, supporting the ministry financially, and spending time volunteering at church.