Marie Rubis Bauer

I am honored to be part of Saint Cecilia Cathedral since 2003, first as organist with the installation of the Pasi Organ, and then in 2005 as music director. I cannot imagine a better community and setting–with Saint Cecilia as patron–in which to live out my call as an organist, choral director, and leader of the Assembly’s song. One of my favorite things about the Cathedral is the common commitment to all things True, Beautiful and Holy. I love most when the whole Assembly sings with one voice and we ‘raise the roof’ in song. Witnessing lives transformed through the Sacred Liturgy, whether it is through preaching, through hearing our beautiful choir render a chant or motet, or especially witnessing from the view from the loft the solemn procession to receive the body and blood of our Lord, I love the vibrancy of how every week, something touches my life to challenge me, to humble me and encourage me in faith. It is my hope that the music ministry that we do every week is invigorated by this holy pilgrimage to Rome, and that the Parish is also renewed in this Year of Jubilee, as we journey together toward the Mercy of our Lord, and extend that to each other and the world.