Angelina Gradel

I first began my journey with St. Cecilia’s Cathedral in 2006. I was 19 years old. At that point I had no idea what a huge impact being a part of the choir would have on my faith life. During that time, I was going to college to be a music teacher. Through all the growing pains that time in your life brings, I was always able to find a sense of home and peace in the choir at St. Cecilia’s.
Singing in the Cathedral Choir, I was introduced to the church’s rich treasury of sacred music. I immediately fell in love with the literature and of course the amazing space in which we celebrate mass. As a high school music teacher, I found myself introducing my students to this music as well. My passion for the church and it’s music was noticed and also ignited in the heart of one of my former students.
Last year, this student joined the Cathedral Choir and asked me to sponsor her in her journey through the RCIA process. While working to grow her in the faith I felt a renewal of my own. Cathedral Choir has brought so many blessings and joys into my life and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for us in Rome!