Music Ministry

Dedicated to the patron of music and musicians, Saint Cecilia Cathedral and the Archdiocese of Omaha host a robust and vigorous music ministry which serve both parish and episcopal liturgies of the Archdiocese. Consisting of a unique partnership between Cathedral and Archdiocese under the auspices of the Saint Cecilia Institute for Sacred Liturgy, Music and the Arts, musicians gather to grow in skill, to rehearse and to pray the liturgy of the hours, culminating in service of the liturgical life of the Mother Church.

At the heart of this ministry is singing in support of and in dialogue with the Assembly of the baptized, the earthly choir, as it lifts up its voice to join with the heavenly choirs in the eternal song of the praise to God the Father. The Cathedral Music Ministry exists within the framework mission of Formation for Lifelong Praise of God, the intentional growth in faith, skill, and musicianship of all of its participants.

In partnership with choral formation is the Cathedral’s landmark Martin Pasi, Op. 14 dual-temperament Pipe Organ, installed in 2003, and serving as the musical foundation of celebrations in the Saint Cecilia Cathedral. As a musical instrument inspiring sacred melodies, as a work of art in wood and metal complementary to the Romanesque architecture, as a practical support for singing, and as a visual and aural metaphor for unity and harmony in the Body of Christ, the Pasi organ stands in the Cathedral 24/7 as a witness to the fidelity of Saint Cecilia to Christ, her Lord. For more information on this already historic instrument see

Pasi Organ