St Cecilia Cathedral Choir

In 2009 the Saint Cecilia Cathedral Choir, under the direction of Marie Rubis Bauer, celebrated its 150th Anniversary, having been established at the time of the founding of the Cathedral in 1859. The forming of a choir that could sing the Solemn High Mass was a requirement for the establishment of a Cathedral, the Mother Church of a diocese and the Bishop’s Church. Today’s Cathedral Choir aspires to the high quality performance of the Church’s vast and rich treasury of Sacred Liturgical literature spanning more than 10 centuries, including the study and performance of the Church’s core repertoire, Gregorian Chant. The Cathedral Choir consists of mature youth and adults from all walks of life who gather weekly for sung Liturgy of the Hours – the Church’s official universal daily prayer, and for rehearsal culminating in Sunday 9:30 a.m. solemn liturgies of the Cathedral from October through Pentecost. In addition, the Cathedral Choir serves as the core of the Archdiocesan Chorale for Episcopal liturgies with the Archbishop of Omaha. The unique character of an intergenerational choir places youth and adults together in the communal setting – engaging all in “formation for lifelong praise of God.”

Cathedral Choir

Every year, the Cathedral Choir sings Requiems by major composers at the Solemnity of All Souls concerts. Additional performances include Saint Cecilia Day concerts and Christmas Eve preludes.

Prospective members are encourage to contact Dr. Rubis Bauer during the joining seasons, which usually run in late summer/early fall and after Christmas.

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